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By  There is an epidemic of overweight dieters who are eating less, exercising more, standing on scales and losing weight, only to gain it all back and then shame themselves in the mirror. These are people in the trenches of life who are tired, exhausted and stressed, and they just want to go home.

Home in this case is not a location but a state of being that we all seek. More often than not, we refer to it as health, but they are one and the same.

Maybe some of us have always had pretty good health, and we only take on a bit of stress here and there. Maybe we were healthy at one time in our lives and now spend a good amount of time and money on diet fads, trying to duplicate feeling and moving like we did back in the day. Or maybe, like many people I have visited with, we aren’t trying to get our health back, because we’ve always been overweight, but for the first time we are trying healthy on for size.

Whatever our situation, we’ve either seen, heard or read about the how-to of getting healthy. It looks a lot like joining a gym, walking on the “dread-mill,” going to aerobic classes, counting our steps, cutting calories, withholding favorite treats or talking about the drama of weight loss and dieting to friends and family.

Does it really have to be this much work?

Did you catch all of those action words? In all of the joining, walking, going, counting, cutting, withholding and talking it seems like we’re working harder, not smarter. Besides that, wouldn’t we rather just be out having fun and doing things that matter to us, rather than fretting about our health? Does it really have to be this much work?

There’s an easier way to manage your health, and a lot of it has to do with our ability to adopt the mindset of letting go of the “busy-ness” of losing weight. Let go of everything you think you know about weight loss and start listening to what your body is asking for.

Taking care of the innate need to eat nutritionally dense foods, exercise to burn fat calories, reduce stress and get more sleep are the factors your hormones care about. If your mindset is geared to satisfy hunger, sleep and stress signals coming from your hormones, you are closer to home than you think.

Reducing stress is key

Hormones determine whether you burn or store fat.Reducing stress is key, because if we are stressed, in terms of hormones, we store fat. When stress is low, we are in a metabolic state conducive to burning fat.

If it’s the type of calories we burn that matter to our hormones, relative to reducing body fat, then we don’t want to burn calories in general, we want to burn fat calories specifically.

For instance, you wake up and get ready to do a workout routine. Keep in mind that your brain’s number one job is to keep your body safe — another term to use would be “stress free.”

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